Who we are

The Viking Butcher

We are Irish Viking Butchers - etched in stone, forged in fire and made of meitheal. 
Valhalla Meats is a farm to table family business. We are family run and focused on bringing the heritage of farm provenance back to everybody's kitchen with modern consumer solutions. We offer premium online meat sales and delivery services
Our business has grown from our own farm Goat Ireland. A twist on a traditional farming approach means we produce sustainable Irish goat meat.
Our struggles with getting our meat produced, packaged and handled in a respectful, professional manner gave birth to Valhalla Meats.
We believe that rearing meat for you or working direct with smaller farmers gives a great connection to food. That a shorter food chain is better for both customer and farmer. We are glad to have a wide offering of Beef, Lamb , Mutton and Goat.  Including specialty Beef breeds such as Irish Moiled, Dexter Beef, Parthanise , Droimeann and Aubrac from time to time
Valhalla Meats want to help families to feast together like "Viking Gods". We are here to supply premium nose to tail meat products online for all those customers whom have decided that mass produced meat is no longer good enough. but offer the convivence of having it delivered straight to your door.
We don't supply bog standard meat, our boxes offer a voyage of discovery.
We may only have embarked on this journey but we plan to be conquerors!




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