What's in a box?

What's in a Valhalla Meat Box?....

All our meat boxes are priced to offer value and variation of cuts.

Each box contains a selection of cuts, both premium and household. This type of mixing gives great value in our boxes. It also means that the farm supplier gets a good return from an entire animal. At Valhalla Meats we  don't have a high price for premium cuts or a low price for lesser cuts. We believe all meat is made equal and we reflect this in our meat boxes.
The mystery adds to the surprise and can be your inspiration to be more inventive over the stove or the bbq.

For example :
5kg box may contain two small roasts and a bag of diced or minced meat

10kg box can contain two/three smaller roasts, a few kilos of diced meat & a mixture of some steaks, chops,ribs or mince. This amount of meat will take up about one shelf in a standard freezer.

15kg & 20kg boxes are larger versions of the 5kg & 10kg

Most joints average between 1 to 3 kg

Mince and  diced meat (bone in/boneless are packed as 1kg)

Please be aware that your order may arrive as a mixture of fresh and frozen . This is mainly due to food safety regulations, Eg time limits for mincing meat are much less than the aging if beef

Delivery time approx 3/4 days working days from order placement.
Orders placed on Thursday/Friday/Saturday will be dispatched the following Monday

Please note that the bespoke nature of many of our products some items may take longer because of maturation and aging.

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