Sheahan's Wagyu Beef

Our Story

Wagyu Beef is a delicacy, known for its flavour, tenderness and well marbled texture.
Conor Sheahan's herd of Wagyu live a pampered lifestyle. For over two years, they enjoy a grass-based diet, they are then finished on a special Japanese meal and straw diet. In keeping with Japanese tradition, Conor's Wagyu enjoy regular brushing and massages.
Situated in North Cork, Sheahan's Family Farm is nestled in the Boggeragh Mountain Valley, with striking views of Mushera Mountain. Conor's family have been farming here for over 100 years.
It is the blend of Irish and Japanese traditions that makes Sheahan's Wagyu beef truly unique.

* Bord Bia Approved
* Reared from calf to finish
* Full traceability from farm to fork.





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