Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a box?                                  

Where does my meat come from?
All Valhalla meat boxes are sourced from, our farm, farmers we know or farmers groups/societies we have links with.
We never buy meat from  factory processors.
Our promise to you is that all our meat is Irish.
Other farm brands are available on our website. These farmers have decided to sell directly to you. They use Valhalla Meats as a platform to connect to their customers

Can I request specific cuts?
You can, we will do our best to honour requests.
However, meat boxes are price pointed to include a mixture of cuts, this is part of the ethos of our nose to tail use of meat. Fair to the producers and fair to each customer is our motto.

When will my delivery arrive?                                                                       Delivery time approx 3/4 days working days from order placement.
Orders placed on Thursday/Friday/Saturday will be dispatched the following week.

Please note that the bespoke nature of many of our products some items may take longer because of maturation and aging.

What if I place a pre order?
These orders can take up to a month to be fulfilled. This is due to sourcing of particular types of beef, aging or other processes involved in the preparation.

Why is my mince frozen?
Following food safety guidelines, mincing must be completed within 14 days of slaughter.
As other cuts hang or age, we at Valhalla Meats have chosen to blast freeze all our mince to give it a longer shelf life.
This means both the farmer and customer have used the most of an animal as possible.
This is all part of being a nose to tail butcher.

Why can't I order only one type of cut in my box?
Using nose to tail means using all the cuts and parts of meat. Premium and household cuts are mixed in a box to offer you an excellent price point and over all value.
For example: One carcass of beef is as equally as possible shared between all orders

Can I visit Valhalla Meats?
Currently due to food safety guidelines, we are afraid not. But, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or twitter, it's the next best thing

Why is my order frozen?
As a low through put processor, from time to time we may need to blast freeze product. This extends its shelf life and decreases waste.

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